Multi-Tools: Great Gift Ideas For Anyone

Everyone could use a multi-tool in his or her car, boat, purse or pocket, and they make popular gifts because of their versatility, usefulness and portability. Depending on whom you are buying for, you can select a multi or pocket tool with the right combination of features. Basic multi-purpose tools may supply a knife, pliers or tweezers, and scissors. More sophisticated multi-purpose tools might include a nail file, one or more screwdrivers, a corkscrew, a bottle opener and even a flashlight. The goal is to get the lightest, most efficient model with the most desirable tools.

For the Outdoorsman
A high-quality multi-tool can be a wonderful gift for a seasoned outdoorsman. Key elements of a good, outdoor tool are solid, durable construction, with the ability to clip onto a belt, backpack or raft. It should have a regular knife, a serrated knife, a flashlight, pliers, a fish scaler, a can opener and a flashlight. It is more important to purchase a tool that is well made and has quality features than buying the one with the most tools available.

For the Handyman
Something convenient and portable will serve the handyman well. You might want to select a slim multi-tool that can be stored on a tool belt, or one that comes with a sheath that attaches to any kind of belt. Look for one that includes at least one set of sturdy pliers and one size of both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers. You could consider a model that comes with multiple screwdriver bits, which are usually stored separate from the tool itself. Again, look for a lightweight but heavy-duty style that contains needed tools in an efficient custom multi tool   package.

For the Techie
Techies are all about the gadgets. A techie may not be interested in the same type of multi-tool an outdoorsman would want, but luckily, there are types out there suited for the techie on your gift list. These typically have small to medium-size USB drives. If your techie is into computer repair, look for a tool with a flashlight, pliers, a wire cutter, wire strippers and wire crimpers. Some include a pen and even a laser pointer. Depending on the techie you are buying for, you might want to look for multi-tools with a stainless steel or carbide finish, as these features are desirable in other tech tools.

For the Independent Woman
There is much debate about the right multi-purpose or pocket tool for a woman, but the solution lies in knowing the woman you are buying for. Some women like a high-utility multi-tool like you might buy for an outdoorsman or a handyman-type. Others might prefer something smaller with fewer tools, in a particular color, size or weight. If she enjoys wine or bottled drinks, make sure it has a corkscrew or a bottle opener. For the perfectly coiffed woman, the right one might have scissors to help with loose threads on clothing, tweezers to help with an unruly hair or splinter, and a nail file.

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